Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Statesville Truck Accidents AttorneysSeeking Compensation After Your Passenger or Semi Truck Accident

Trucking accidents can come in all varieties, including passenger truck accidents, 18-wheeler crashes or tractor trailer accidents. Regardless of the form, these accidents almost always involve serious and catastrophic injuries or result in a wrongful death case. At Gottholm, Ralston & Benton, PLLC, our Taylorsville and Statesville truck accidents lawyers understand the delicate nature of these cases. We dedicate our time and resources to giving you the help you deserve at this difficult time.

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Determining the responsible party in truck accidents can be challenging depending on your accident. If your truck accident involved a commercial truck, then liability concerns can include that of the truck driver or the trucking company. If your truck accident was caused by a defective part, then a potential liable party could be the truck manufacturer or repair company. Our personal injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate all potential responsible parties in your case to give you the best chance at full financial recovery.

Severe and Catastrophic Injuries

Semi accidents and other truck accidents result in severe personal injuries, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Paralysis

We will wait to pursue any settlement on your behalf until we understand the full implications of your injuries. We will include in your settlement request compensation for loss of enjoyment of life's activities and other losses you may be experiencing due to your injuries. You can rest assured knowing that we will only be pursuing a compensation package that properly represents your situation now and in the future.

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We are dedicated to seeking maximum compensation for your injuries or losses after semi accidents. To learn more about your options for financial recovery, contact our truck accidents attorneys.