People's lives change more rapidly than ever. Long-term unemployment, a second marriage, a new job in a different part of the state or a different state, or any number of other factors can make initial court orders in a divorce obsolete.

A change in financial circumstances of the parties or in the needs of a child may necessitate the modification of an existing child support or alimony order. The need to relocate your residence because of a job opportunity or a remarriage may require a modification of an existing child custody or visitation schedule.

The attorneys at Gottholm, Ralston & Benton, PLLC, have more than 30 years of cumulative experience representing clients in post-divorce modification matters, including child support and child custody. We also represent individuals who want to block a modification request.

We also help with child support enforcement issues if a party is failing to comply with a court order. Prosecuting and defending against modification and enforcement proceedings in today's mobile society often involves application of interstate laws. Enforcing or modifying an out-of-state support obligation involves application of complex interstate support laws. Our experienced family law attorneys can help you understand the rules that apply when these issues arise.

Mooresville Modifying Child Support and Custody Attorneys

The payor and the recipient of child support both are entitled to a recalculation every three years. If the recalculation results in a 15 percent difference in child support, the court will modify your child support to the new amount.

You also may be able to get a modification of child support or alimony if you have an involuntary change in circumstances such as job loss or being forced to take a lower-paying job.

We have a thorough knowledge of the procedure and circumstances that must be shown in North Carolina to amend a court order. We can help you present or defend against an alleged change of circumstances.

These are complicated issues that require assistance from experienced lawyers. To learn more about what is required for a spousal support modification, call our Statesville modifications attorney at 704-878-0757 or email us to schedule an appointment at either our Statesville or Taylorsville office.