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Construction law disputes arise in the most basic of construction situations such as adding a new addition to your home. They also come up in more complicated situations that involve numerous subcontractors and developers. Whether you are a homeowner or a contractor, the Taylorsville and Statesville construction law lawyers at Gottholm, Ralston & Benton, PLLC, know how to analyze your situation and provide you with the legal options you need to reach an efficient and effective resolution.

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Attorney Matthew Benton not only understands the legal implications involved in construction disputes. He also has hands-on experience working for his family's construction company, which he did while in high school, college and law school. This experience means he knows more about construction standards in the area, how to read blueprints, what meets code, and what is negligent and what is not.

Representation for General Contractors and Subcontractors

At our construction law firm, we represent general contractors, developers and subcontractors from a variety of industries in construction law disputes involving:

  • Statutory liens for laborers and material providers (to have a secured interest on property if they haven't been paid)
  • Contract disputes
  • Collections
  • Zoning issues
  • Inspection issues

If you have a dispute against a contractor, subcontractor or homeowner, reach out to us to determine how best to move forward with your legal claim.

Homeowner Representation

Our construction law attorneys also represent homeowners who find themselves victims of issues involving general contractors or subcontractors, including:

  • Construction defects
  • Improper billing
  • Property liens

We are also available to assist with disputes involving homeowner association laws or other community development issues.

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If you are facing construction litigation or need help reviewing a construction contract, contact our construction law firm today for dedicated legal representation. With offices in Taylorsville and Statesville, we represent clients throughout the state.