Child Support

Child Support

The amount of child support a parent pays or receives is based on a formula outlined in North Carolina's child support guidelines. Monthly support obligations are based in large part on each parent's income and the amount of time the children spend in the care of each parent.

There are circumstances, however, where the court can increase or decrease the amount calculated. The experienced family law attorneys at Gottholm, Ralston & Benton, PLLC, can review your situation and protect your rights, whether you are likely to receive monthly child support payments or you will be the payor.

Mooresville Enforcement Attorneys

Whenever possible, we work with the other parent and any opposing legal counsel to reach a child custody agreement without going to court. That allows the parties to make these important family decisions themselves rather than leaving them in the hands of a family court judge. If a fair settlement cannot be reached, however, we are always prepared to go to trial to protect your rights.

A key to obtaining a fair child support order is to make sure that each parent's income and any special circumstances are accurately reported to the court. Our attorneys know how to accurately value businesses, pensions, retirement accounts, investment properties and other assets in order to reach a child support order that is fair.

If one parent's income or other circumstances change, it may be necessary to change the child support amount. We can help you determine whether to request a child support modification. We can also help you resolve the situation if you fall behind in your child support — or enforce your order if your kids' other parent falls behind.

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